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Coaching, Workshops and Ensembles

I am  a teacher ... and I love it!  

I am always excited when I have the opportunity to work with harpists as a coach, workshop presenter or conducting ensembles.

Robbin Gordon-Cartier has traveled the world coaching, presenting workshops and working with ensemble groups to bring their music to the next level.  

"Every single experience with Robbin has left me with treasured information about how I can become not only a better harpist, but a better musician in general. In ensembles she always challenges us to be the very best that we can be. She has a keen way of understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are in a very short period of time and draws on her years of experience to help us in our weaknesses and draw upon our strengths for the good of the whole ensemble. The result: a very meaningful and musically fulfilling ensemble experience that everyone enjoys to the fullest."

Brook Boddie, Shreveport, LA

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